All About Hearing
All About Hearing
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We offer the largest selection of styles and manufacturers with personalized care and the best pricing in Skagit and Island counties. There has never been a better time to…“Hear What You’ve Been Missing”

Open Fit Hearing

Instruments have completely revolutionized the hearing industry by actually making people want to wear them! They feel light, you hear clearly and it’s that simple!

Try them at home, at the office, or at your place of worship!

Protection Plan…

We provide worry free deluxe loss, damage, and repair warranty protection. Comprehensive coverage for all necessary repairs caused by internal component failure, accidental damage, plus one-time replacement for loss, theft, or total destruction. Instruments must be in proper operating condition at the time of coverage.

We Offer:

  • Complete Hearing Health Care Program which includes at no additional charge; Semi annual cleanings and adjustments, Audiometric screenings, ear and instrument cleanings, batteries provided for the life of the instrument, domes wax systems for open fit instruments and retubing for ear molds.
  • Bluetooth compatible devices
  • Repairs of most leading manufacturers devices’
  • Complete line of hearing instruments
  • Noise Breakers
  • Swim Plugs
  • Sleep Plugs
  • Custom Earmolds
  • Most Insurance Accepted
  • Flexible financing plans thru Care Credit


Our Customers Say...

“When I visited Diane Fox at All About Hearing, Diane analyzed my hearing loss and recommended a pair of Phonak aids. The result was that I got aids that have transformed my life. In most situations I hear at least as well as people with normal hearing, and often better. I’m very particular and have high standards. Diane and staff were very patient with me, understood my concerns, and used their expertise to solve my problems. My level of satisfaction is very high, and I would recommend their service to anyone.”

K. R.