All About Hearing
All About Hearing
218 E. Rio Vista, Burlington, WA 98233 | 360.707.5500 or 866.711.5500

All About Hearing is a specialty-hearing clinic where we pride ourselves in helping to improve your quality of life. Our expertise involves conducting the most comprehensive hearing evaluations possible. Our evaluation involves both visual and video-otoscoptic examination of the ear, pure tone air and bone conduction testing, speech discrimination assessments and real-ear measurements.

The friendly staff at All About Hearing, Inc. are here to serve the Skagit Valley residents hearing needs, whether it be conservation or amplification.

Our Customers Say...

I’m sitting here at my home listening to music!  Now that is something I have been missing for quite some time.  My old hearing aids failed and my finances were such that I could not afford to fix them.  Because of the generosity of All About Hearing I can participate in family conversations and hear at Doctor appointments.  Thank you very much for caring that I could hear again!  With these powerful hearing aids, I can even hear my cats’ meow, that’s something I’ve really missed.

Due to the donation of these hearing aids by All About Hearing my quality of life has changed in a fantastic way.  Thank you again.

James B