All About Hearing
All About Hearing
218 E. Rio Vista, Burlington, WA 98233 | 360.707.5500 or 866.711.5500

All About Hearing is a specialty-hearing clinic where we pride ourselves in helping to improve your quality of life. Our expertise involves conducting the most comprehensive hearing evaluations possible. Our evaluation involves both visual and video-otoscoptic examination of the ear, pure tone air and bone conduction testing, speech discrimination assessments and real-ear measurements.

The friendly staff at All About Hearing, Inc. are here to serve the Skagit Valley residents hearing needs, whether it be conservation or amplification.

Our Customers Say...

“When I visited Diane Fox at All About Hearing, Diane analyzed my hearing loss and recommended a pair of Phonak aids. The result was that I got aids that have transformed my life. In most situations I hear at least as well as people with normal hearing, and often better. I’m very particular and have high standards. Diane and staff were very patient with me, understood my concerns, and used their expertise to solve my problems. My level of satisfaction is very high, and I would recommend their service to anyone.”

K. R.